Navigating the Affordable Care Act Landscape

Conduct Community Health Needs Assessment

With over 40 years of research and evaluation experience, our team will create the best study design to identify community needs, prioritize those needs, and create a plan of action.  Our work includes interfacing with the public creating factsheets and presentations in the community as well as an online presence in the form of blogs, social media, and/or webcasts.

 Conduct Workplace Assessments (Hospitals, Primary Care, Other Workplaces)

We can assess and making recommendations for improvement based on best practices for specific service areas, including primary care, community outreach, health promotion and prevention across the lifespan.

We can assist in continuous quality improvement to determine if ACA targets are met and determine how they might be improved through the introduction of best practices (including care coordination) and increased monitoring and fidelity observations.

We can analyze large complex datasets (data mining) and conduct sub-studies of specific patient populations and/or departments,  including expenses.  We can generate answers to questions that impact patient outcomes including readmission, longer stays, and complications.