Workshop: Evidence-based Strategies for Creating Healthier Communities

We live in a world with such a tremendous amount of health information available that it is easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and unsure about how to use it both at the personal and community level

This workshop has been devised to synthesize existing information to provide a clearer picture of programming choices and operationalized step-by-step delivery of the best scenarios to address priority issues in community health such as NCD risk factor interventions, diabetes, cardiovascular & respiratory disease, and childhood lead poisoning to create “healthier communities”.

Areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Best practices
  • Operationalization of practices for delivery in multiple settings
  • Stakeholder buy-in (who, when, where & how)
  • Planning & creating synergy through multiple approaches

Workshops/trainings can be performed on site and/or online with fees and length of workshops varying according to request.